Register as a Supplier to SABIC

As we strive to achieve our 2025 strategy of being the preferred world leader in chemicals, SABIC is dedicated to the highest standards of ethical, social and environmental responsibility.

Both new and existing suppliers are evaluated and selected for reasons beyond just the price and quality of the product and/or service offered. We also look closely at each supplier’s commitment to provide safe working conditions, to act fairly and ethically, and to use environmentally responsible practices.


Our Supplier Registration Process ensures that all suppliers working with SABIC (now or in the future) demonstrate the highest level of commitment to provide safe working conditions.


SABIC registration process consist of 3 main steps. Please click on each step for more details


Related Documents

Below you will find more information on our supplier qualification process.

For SLM Due Diligence, the below manual describes the SLM Due Diligence Program.

For Business Gifts and Hospitality Procedures.

SABIC introduced new Business Gifts and Hospitality Procedures in 2019. As part of the new Procedures, SABIC enacted a Zero Gifts policy under which employees cannot accept business gifts from suppliers or business partners. The Procedures are available in several languages below.

Important message

Please be aware of the following:

  • You will only receive your SABIC Vendor ID once you pass qualification step.
  • Completing the Supplier Registration Process does not guarantee business with SABIC.