Welcome to The SABIC Supplier Portal


Dear SABIC Suppliers,

Welcome to the SABIC suppliers portal, the aim of which is to build an additional platform to facilitate communication between SABIC and its suppliers.

I would like to use this opportunity to emphasize on the key messages relating to the following areas:

  • SABIC procurement policy
  • Reporting any non-compliance cases
  • Supplier feedback
  • Supplier innovation
  • Supplier local content for material & services
  • Supplier due diligence

SABIC’s procurement policy, mandates that SABIC procures goods, equipment, materials and services from qualified suppliers through lawful, ethical and fair means in line with the SABIC code of ethics. At SABIC, we are committed to sourcing our procurement needs from suppliers who meet our technical, quality, environmental, health, safety & security, sustainability and social responsibility standards.

We strongly encourage our suppliers to actively report any cases of non-compliance with SABIC code of ethics policies through" Suppliers speak up" tab. We assure you that all reports will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

At SABIC, we value our supplier’s feedback and we consider their feedback in the development of our future processes and system enhancement. Therefore, we would highly appreciate your feedback on how we can improve our interaction with you through the "Contact us" tab.

We expect our suppliers to revolutionize in the way they provide services and materials to SABIC. Such transformation will enable the procurement function to create value for our internal partners. As such we welcome any innovative ideas which you can share through the "Contact us" tab.

SABIC strives to play a pivotal role in contributing to SAUDI vision 2030. Our ambition is to increase local content in materials & services and reduce reliance on imports by supporting capable and competitive local manufacturers, services providers in order to increase local procurement, employment for local workforce and hence, support the national economic growth. As a result, SABIC is working on many initiatives to attract local/foreign investors, for further information, please click here.

SABIC has recently launched a supplier due diligence program as part of its supplier qualification process which should equip SABIC to comply with international regulatory requirements on managing third-party risk and demonstrate SABIC’s commitment to sustainable procurement / supply chain practices, which are increasingly demanded by our customer and stakeholders.

We look forward to working with those suppliers who share our values, vision and are committed to working towards the same.

Nawaf G. Al-Zahrani

General Manager

Global Procurement